web/­mobile dev

as a web-, frontend-, and mobile-developer i currently work for a web agency in cologne.

here's an incoherent list of words that losely represent my skillset and tools/frameworks i work with:
html, css, sass/less, javascript, angular, ionic, cordova, jquery, node, grunt, webpack, shopware, magento, drupal, wordpress

here are some freelance projects i've worked on:

video post­produc­tion

working with filmmakers and videographers i do some editing, color corrections, audio mixing, title design, motion graphics and encoding for video projects. sometimes i also do some filming myself.

here are some video projects i worked on:
borderline (educational - title design / postproduction)
mein brühl (documentary - motion graphics)
sonnenbrille (music video - postproduction)
zimmer mit balkon (music video - postproduction)
marie (music video - directing / editing / postproduction)
morodok (image film - camera / editing)


i play guitars, bass, synths, write and produce songs. i've played in a few bands. i also do some stuff for film and video projects.

recent film projects:
savegame (short film, score + title track)

current bands/projects:
helga weiss (indie/pop - bass)
sexe avec sandy (retro/psych/rock - guitar/vocals)

check out my soundcloud page for sounds.

about me

hi, i'm ben. i live and work in cologne, germany. i'm all about production and development of all kinds of digital media.
after finishing a bachelor's degree in media technology at cologne university of applied sciences i worked as a video editor and did some freelance stuff.
i currently work as a web developer and musician and am irregularly involved in different video projects.


say hi:

m: ben(at)benblume.de
p: 0163 6625285


Verantwortlich für den Inhalt:
Ben Blume
Glasstraße 72
50823 Köln

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